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An enthusiastic group of seasoned creative strategists who share ideas, break barriers, lead projects, take risks and do what is best while envisioning a new journey for your brand. We ideate, design, and coordinate activities for your brand. Our objective is to develop exceptional brand experiences that resonate with the pulse of their target audience.

The ThinkComm philosophy is to think beyond boundaries and design experiences that are effective, aesthetic and engaging. Focusing on providing smart and niche work while staying functional has always been the cornerstone of our brand

Our Services

By drafting the messaging strategy from the driving seat, we have made a substantial difference to our clients.


1. Events & promotions
2. Store launch
3. Roadshow

Branding & Design

1. Concept
2. Brand identity
3. Marketing merchandise


1. Store branding
2. FSU
3. Retail fitouts


1. Turnkey
2. Exhibition
3. Brand shop

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A classic bunch of young & veterans with expertise in the world of branding and marketing. We believe in creating larger than life brand experiences through marketing strategies and activities that connect with the brand audience, driving value and growth.

Helped hundreds of brands across diverse sectors

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Definitely, nothing but praise! We’re happy to keep our 100+ clients happy 🙂

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Tell us your project and get our quote. We work with clients across the globe, while we have our implementation done in Chennai – India.